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Lady Sonia Blog

Welcome to my Personal Blog & Online Journal. Incase you have never set eyes on me before, I am Lady Sonia. I'm a real English Lady who lives a decadent lifestyle and really enjoy the finer things in life. As UKs premier Masturbatrix & Fetishist I love to tease, taunt & play with biggest cocks, sex toys & very very sexy outfits. My official website, is now one of the largest UK sites on the web, features me, Lady Sonia & some of my best friends, who will take you on a journey of Sexual Decadence & Ecstacy. Lady Sonia explores every legal niche & fetish at her site including Stockings, Latex, PVC, Thighboots, Lingerie, Cock Milking, Uniforms Interracial sex and many more.

Lady Sonia Masturbatrix Daily Movies & Pics

Trophy Wife Clitoris Orgasm

Posted on: January 11, 2013

While my stunning MILF friend Red was down last week I though that it would be fun to take the opportunity to play with both her nipples and her clitoris on video for you to see... Red absolutely LOVES my HUGE nipples and the camera comes in VERY close so that you can watch her suck my nipples VERY hard into her mouth... No one can make my nipples any bigger than Red can and she LOVES to show my HUGE nipples off to the camera after she has given them her FULL attention... And then it's time for me to make her cum VERY hard and loud with a very special high powered vibrator while she stretches her tight MILF pussy with a HUGE cock shaped dildo... Enjoy :-) xxx

Trophy Wife Wank Switch

Posted on: January 04, 2013

When a friends husband comes along to my Orgasm Clinic to enjoy one of my Expert Hand-jobs I though that it would be fun to spring a little surprise on him which he didn't know anything about until I showed him this video later... :-) I met his wife in town for coffee last week and she told me that her husband couldn't take his eyes off of Red when we were all out a few weeks ago and that's what gave me the idea... Red's husband wasn't around, my husband was out so it was the perfect time for two MILF's to play with a VERY hard throbbing cock... Enjoy :-) xxx

Lady Sonia A Need For Something Fucking Big

Posted on: December 21, 2012

Ok, this 1280 x 720 HQ "fully downloadable" video starts the "morning after the night before..." We had been to a Christmas party on the outskirts of Nottingham and I had perhaps partied a little too hard and now I need a little "me time" to recover... We had arranged to meet friends out for lunch at the pub but my husband has to go alone while I have a shower and get myself ready to catch everyone up a little later... But when I get down to the kitchen I see that my husband has left a little present for me, and absolutely MASSIVE cock-shaped dildo AND left a hand written message tied to it daring me to text him some iPhone photos of me trying it out while he is at the pub! How could a lady EVER resist??? :-) This dildo is absolutely HUGE and the camera comes in VERY close to watch how it stretches my pussy VERY wide as I take up my husbands dare... Enjoy! :-) xx

Lady Sonia Sybian Orgasm

Posted on: December 14, 2012

With my husband away this weekend I thought it would be a great excuse to get my Sybian out for a "proper ride" and then video it all so that you could watch me cum VERY hard! The thing with the Sybian is that you really cant use it too often as its unbelievably intense... An orgasm on the Sybian is not like anything else a woman can ever experience and quite often I cant even stand up after after a "ride" of even a few minutes... Now this 1280 x 720 HQ "fully downloadable" video shows me having the most intense orgasm I have had for a few weeks now and the video camera comes in VERY close to see absolutely EVERYTHING in real time with NOTHING cut out at all! And my GOD do I cum hard!!!!!!!!! :-) xx

Lady Sonia Double Ended Dildo Wank

Posted on: December 07, 2012

This 1280 x 720 HQ "fully downloadable" video starts off with me showing you my "personal" Facebook as I take a few "self-taken" photos to post up onto my wall and then I get changed and introduce you to the two new toys that my husband has just bought for me... I HUGE smooth double-ended dildo and what is by far the most powerful mains-powered hand held vibrator I have ever seen! Do you want to see how hard this new vibrator makes me cum? Well I am going to open my long legs VERY wide so that the camera can come in VERY VERY close to let you see absolutely EVERYTHING! :-) xx

Knowing That You Are Watching

Posted on: November 30, 2012

My husband was away at our Cartagena office last week so I decided to make a video over several days recording EVERY time that I made myself cum during the time that he was away... This is VERY real and a bit different to anything else I have ever shot and has a bit of everything from fully nude "fingering" to thigh high woollen socks with the "Rabbit" vibrator right through to fully nude on the bed with a classic vibrator and my long legs WIDE open for the camera! This 1280 x 720 HQ "fully downloadable" video starts off with me "showing off" on the first day for the camera and getting VERY wet as I LOVE to be watched and then I do what ALL ladies have to do while their husbands are away but this time is quite special as YOU get to see absolutely EVERYTHING! :-) xx

Flashing My 34 F Tits

Posted on: November 23, 2012

Well you all know that I have an absolute love of "mains powered" vibrators and sex toys so when I was given this brand new mains powered vibrator and told that it was the most powerful mains powered vibrator in the world I just couldn't wait to give it a try! :-) As we had some time to spare we also took a drive out into the country so that I could get in a little "showing off" fun as well for the camera! :-) Anyway, just how powerful is this new vibrator? I think you are going to have to watch and see... If you are a connoisseur of REAL female orgasms then you are going to REALLY enjoy this one I can promise you!!! lol xx

Phone Sex With My Husband

Posted on: November 16, 2012

Just back from the shops and my husband phones me to ask about my day so I tell him what happened when I went into the Victoria Centre Shopping Mall to try on a pair of jeans... I was already undressed in the changing room when I saw in the mirror that the curtain was open and two married guys were watching me and as I tell my husband how wet and excited I got when I saw the guys watching me I can hear that my husband is getting very excited as well... A PERFECT opportunity for a little phone sex which REALLY makes me cum hard! :-) xx

Cumming With My Rabbit

Posted on: November 09, 2012

I get LOADS of requests to shoot outdoors and out and about so so that you can see the "real me" as I like to dress everyday so this video starts with me parking up and then walking through the park and down by the river and then into the town so that I can show off my big 34 "F" tits and my firm bottom in my white pant trousers just to show that I REALLY DO like to attract attention... And then as soon as I get home I go up to the bedroom to get changed and I have a little "first time" play with the new "Rabbit" vibrator that my husband bought for me last week... Are they as good as all of the hype that you hear about them? Can the Rabbit REALLY make you cum that hard? Well lets see! :-) xx

Flirting In The Kitchen

Posted on: November 02, 2012

My husband is due back from a business trip later today so as well as dressing up ready to say "Hi" properly as soon as he gets in I usually always make him something nice so that he has something nice to eat (apart from me of course...) as soon as he gets in... The only problem is that as the marble kitchen worktop gets covered in icing sugar and then so do I as well so by the time that I climb up onto the worktop to open my long legs WIDE for the camera my HUGE 34 "F" cup tits and my perfect "MILF" bottom are completely covered too! But you don't mind a little messy fun do you before my husband gets home? :-) xx

MILF Undressed

Posted on: October 26, 2012

I have always been a HUGE exhibitionist so when a plumber calls to fix the annex heating when I am at home alone I let him know that I use the annex as my personal office and I ALWAYS like to work there all by myself in complete privacy... I can see by the way that the plumber is looking at me that he is VERY interested in my HUGE tits and my long legs so its a perfect opportunity to have a little fun with him before my husband gets home and I want to show him EVERYTHING that he wants to see! :-) xx

Watch Me Cum For You

Posted on: October 19, 2012

This video is for REAL enthusiasts of the female orgasm! I hadn't cum for three days (which is amazing in itself! lol) and I knew that I was going to cum REALLY hard so I was absolutely desperate to capture that on video for you! :-) I first of all got changed and then climbed up onto my HUGE bed and then opened my long legs VERY wide so that the camera could come in VERY close and then I went to work with my expert (I have had LOADS of practice! lol) fingers... You can see how wet I am straight away and then as I pull myself wide open for you and massage my clitoris you can easily see my pussy muscles start to spasm and clench as my HUGE orgasm starts to build... This video is for REAL connoisseurs who enjoy REAL female orgasms and want to see EVERYTHING as I cum VERY hard and loud! Enjoy! :-) xx

Busty MILF In Pink Panties

Posted on: October 12, 2012

As I walk into the room wearing my skin tight black leggings I can feel your eyes looking at EVERY single inch of my long legs and bottom,, I know that when I climb the step ladder to dust and then start to dust with my bottom pushed out VERY hard for you that the skin tight material of my leggings goes almost see through letting you see EVERYTHING underneath.. So perhaps I had better pull my leggings down and show off my brand new tiny little pink thong panties? Perhaps I had better let you see EVERYTHING as I get down onto my hands and knees and push my perfect MILF bottom out hard for you? Enjoy! :-) xx

Watch My Clit Grow For You

Posted on: October 05, 2012

I am just getting dressed into my new corset and fully fashioned nylons ready for when my husband gets back from the office and this corset REALLY shows off my HUGE 34 "F" cup tits with the most amazing cleavage I thought that it would be fun to show you! I do really LOVE showing myself off! lol. If you like seeing REAL MILF cleavage I think you are REALLY going to enjoy this! :-) And while I am showing off HUGE amounts of cleavage why not show off my VERY sensitive clit for you as well? Do you want to watch as I massage my clit for the camera? I start off by stretching my pussy VERY wide for you and then I go to work on my clit while the camera gets in VERY VERY close to see absolutely EVERYTHING! :-) xx

Busty MILF Flirt

Posted on: September 27, 2012

So you have a thing for classic busty MILF's do you? You like to watch older married women who love to wear VERY low cut tops and show a LOT of cleavage? You like to see HUGE MILF nipples showing through EVERYTHING that she wears? You like to see a married ladies bust bounce and sway as she moves and walks? Well I am a 34 "F" cup and I LOVE to attract attention! I am going to put on several VERY low cut tops and then I am going to let you see a LOT of my cleavage as I show off for you. :-)

Hold My Panties While I Cum

Posted on: September 21, 2012

I have a little time before I need to be at the station to pick my husband up and its a beautiful day so why don't we go out for a drive in the country and have a little fun? I love to "flash" while I am out and about and I LOVE to undress and make myself cum outdoors... The chance that I could get caught at any moment just makes me so VERY wet! I am wearing my tiny little white see through lace panties and I cant wait to show you! Then I am going to take them off and hand my panties to you to hold while you watch me make myself cum REALLY hard and loud! Enjoy :-) xx

Legs Open Wide Outdoors

Posted on: September 14, 2012

This is the little grey dress that I am wearing in my Facebook profile and I LOVE the amount of my 34 "F" cup cleavage that it shows off on me.. I also REALLY love the way that this tiny little skintight dress shows off every single inch of my body when I walk and move so why don't you follow my while I walk around for you outdoors? There was quite a lot of traffic around today while I was showing this dress off for you and I just couldn't resist undressing properly so that I could open my long legs VERY wide while the cars drove past and my HUGE nipples and my hyper sensitive clit got REALLY big so I made sure that the camera came in VERY close to see EVERYTHING! xx

Housewife Undressed Outdoors

Posted on: September 07, 2012

It's September and at last the English summer has arrived here so I thought that it would be fun to get undressed outdoors and have some fun while you watch me. I have just been riding this morning so I will have to get changed fist but I don't mind if you want to watch? Ok, let's go somewhere nice and discreet so that I can strip naked for you and show you EVERY INCH of my body outdoors before I make myself cum VEY hard and loud! xx

Fan Wank Three In Nottingham

Posted on: August 25, 2012

We put a message out through Twitter a few weeks ago to let fans know that we were holding a "Meet The Ladies" day in Nottingham and while everyone was there we had said that we wanted to also shoot some REAL "HandJob" video for those who would like to give it a go and this is the raw and unedited footage including everything "behind the scenes" too! This video is "part three" which was shot at the very end of the day when HUGE busted MILF Alisha Rydes gives one lucky fan a blowjob and a "wank" and then gives another VERY shy guy a "quickie" with both her expert mouth and her VERY experienced hand and makes him shoot a HUGE load of cum in MASSIVE long thick jets high into the air!

Fan Wank Two In Nottingham

Posted on: August 24, 2012

We put a message out through Twitter a few weeks ago to let fans know that we were holding a "Meet The Ladies" day in Nottingham and while everyone was there we had said that we wanted to also shoot some REAL "HandJob" video for those who would like to give it a go and this is the raw and unedited footage including everything "behind the scenes" too! This is "part two" and shows my special friend Holly Kiss pick out a fan to get him up onto the couch so that she can give him a VERY special "HandJob" on video! Holly strips while everyone watches and then she goes to work on the fans HUGE throbbing cock and she even climbs up onto the couch too so that he can REALLY take a good look at her FABULOUS bottom! Then Holly just couldn't resist tasting his precum as she goes to work upon him and she even shows him what an expert cock sucker she is as well!

Fan Wank One In Nottingham

Posted on: August 23, 2012

We put a message out through Twitter a few weeks ago to let fans know that we were holding a "Meet The Ladies" day in Nottingham and while everyone was there we had said that we wanted to also shoot some REAL "HandJob" video for those who would like to give it a go and this is the raw and unedited footage including everything "behind the scenes" too! This "part one" has my very special friend Red giving a brave fan the ULTIMATE "HandJob" as she teases him with her big MILF tits and VERY sensitive nipples! Red LOVES to show off for the camera and she was in her absolute element stripping off to play while everyone watched her strut up and down for the camera in her VERY high spike heels! Red had HUGE fun playing with this fans THROBBING cock as she gives him the best wank of his life!

Jenny Badeau Private Pantyhose Party

Posted on: August 17, 2012

Jenny's husband is downstairs at the party and she has just come upstairs to quickly satisfy an urge to cum that just wont go away.. She only has a few minutes before her husband has noticed that she is missing but just at the last moment she realises that she is not alone in the room and that YOU are watching her!!!! She is just so DESPERATE to cum that she has no option but to let you watch as she strips off and brings herself to a VERY hard and loud orgasm.. She doesn't mind if you watch but you did promise that you wouldn't tell anyone??? This is a "Raw Footage" video showing ALL of our footage of Jenny. xx

Louise Parker Plaything For A Black Monster Cock

Posted on: August 10, 2012

This is a "Raw Footage" video showing ALL of the video featuring Louise Parker with black stud Sensi's HUGE black cock! On the day this was shot Louise's new husband took the day off from the office to drive her all the way down to us here in Sussex from Northamptonshire to ride-out completely unaware that Sensi was waiting here to ride her as hard and deep as possible as soon as soon as she was undressed.. It's just lucky that her husband was in the conservatory drinking tea or he would have heard her screams all over the courtyard!

Naked MILF In The English Countryside

Posted on: August 03, 2012

I know a nice quiet English country lane where we can go so that I can undress for you.. Do you want to come along and watch? It REALLY excites me to undress outdoors and show myself off for you and walk around naked so that you can see EVERY SINGLE INCH of me and then I am going to lay down on the grass with my legs WIDE open so that you can see EVERYTHING as I make myself cum VERY hard for you! I need you to shoot all of you hot thick cum all over me.. And I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure that you enjoy watching me as I enjoy showing myself off for you! Come on.. I'm waiting for you RIGHT NOW! :-) xx

Undressed In The Woods

Posted on: July 27, 2012

Do you like married ladies with VERY big tits? Shall we go out for a drive in my Mercedes SL so that I can undress for you and show you my HUGE 34 "F" cup tits as I undress and show myself off to you properly? My husband LOVES my big tits and my HUGE nipples but he doesn’t mind if other men want to see them as well.. Shall we drive out to the woods so that I can undress for you outdoors? I will make sure that you can see absolutely EVERYTHING that you want to see? Stripping off for strangers and showing myself off makes me so FUCKING wet.. I want you to come with me RIGHT NOW so that you can watch me make myself cum for you while you watch and enjoy.. I am an English married lady but I want to be YOUR slut as I undress for you and while you watch me cum HARD and LOUD knowing that you are watching every single second! Enjoy :-) xx

Shopping Trip In The Car

Posted on: July 20, 2012

Ok, the sun is shining and I am dressed and ready to go so do you want to come to the shops with me? Loads of guys are always asking if I just dress up and show myself off when I am being "Lady Sonia" so I thought that it was about time that I took you out shopping with me so that you can see how I like to REALLY "dress for attention" for yourself! :-) Skin tight jeans, VERY low cut top and spike heels should work well don't you think? :-) Long legs, LOADS of 34 "F" cup cleavage spilling out of my little top and even my "thong" panties are on display as I bend over for EVERYONE to see as well! Come on I am waiting.. Come along and watch me show off for everyone to see! :-) xx

Pornography In The English Countryside

Posted on: July 13, 2012

My husband is away at a meeting in London and the weather today is just too beautiful to stay indoors so shall we go out to play? When my husband is at home I am a respectable married English lady but when he is away and I want to play I am a REAL slut for the right man.. Do you want me to show you? Shall we go somewhere nice and quiet so that I can undress for you and show you my BIG 34 "F" cup tits and my HUGE nipples? Do you want to watch me as I bend over for you and finger myself HARD with two fingers so that you can see EVERYTHING? Perhaps I can then open my lovely long legs WIDE for you so that you can fill me with your hot thick cum with your HUGE throbbing cock.. I am your pornography and I am waiting to play with you right now! xx

34 F Cup MILF Flasing On The Stairs

Posted on: July 06, 2012

The video starts with me arriving at the old studio building in Long Eaton in my car and the camera follows me into the building and up the stairs.. The camera comes in close on my legs, my contrast seam "fully fashioned" nylons and my spike heels as I climb the stairs.. After passing the first floor landing and while I can hear the voices of all of the rest of the people in the building as they move around I sit down on the stairs and open my long legs WIDE for the camera to show that I’m not wearing any panties and then I start to slowly massage my throbbing clit and finger myself as the camera comes in close to watch EVERYTHING! I cum so VERY hard and loud several times that quite a few people in the huge old building must have heard me and this excites me even more! Enjoy watching every single second and see me orgasm VERY VERY hard :-) xx

Shoot Your Cum All Over Me

Posted on: June 29, 2012

You arrive at my house to move some trunks and cabinets in the annexe and the front door is open so you come straight in and come upstairs to find me naked in the shower.. Of course I see you, but instead of covering myself up I slowly soap my HUGE 34 "F" cup tits as you watch and then turn around so that you can watch me soap my bottom and legs, making sure that you can see EVERYTHING.. Then after getting out of the shower and towelling myself dry I let you watch as pull on a classic black bodice and a pair of contrast seam "fully fashioned" nylons and spike heels, and then I take you over to the annexe to show you what I want you to move… But, do you REALLY want to move everything right now? Or.. would you rather I slowly strip off for you and then lay down so that you can shoot a HUGE load of hot thick cum all over my face and my body? The choice is yours and I am VERY keen to help you if you need to cum.. I am waiting for you inside RIGHT NOW so please do hurry up! :-) Enjoy xx

Use Me As Your MILF Anal Fuck Toy

Posted on: June 22, 2012

I have seen you looking at me and my husband is out for the evening.. Do you want me to undress for you? And you want me to show you EVERYTHING? Would you like me to take my tiny little panties off for you and bend over? Do you want to use me as your MILF "Anal Fuck-Toy"? I want you to unzip for me so that I can see your HUGE throbbing erection and then I want to feel you spray me with a HUGE load of your hot thick cum.. And then I want to open my legs for you.. I want to show you EVERYTHING that you want to see! I want to show you how tight I am for you and I want to show you how much RAW pleasure you could have with me as your own personal MILF "Anal Fuck-Toy".. Would you like that? I am waiting for you inside RIGHT NOW! xxx

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